Introducing: HP Premium 100% Recycled¹ Bond Paper

The NEW HP Premium 100% Recycled1 Bond Paper is designed to produce vivid color and fine detail for your everyday printing needs. What makes this paper unique is that it is made entirely from recycled fibers or fiber-based sources collected from recovered post-use paper.

This reliable, economical paper will help increase your customers' productivity and lower printing costs.

Not only is this paper made entirely of recycled fiber, but it is also recyclable2. It has multiple environmental certifications. It is FSC-certified3, REACH-compliant4 and Blue Angel-certified5, a certification given to those products that are safe for the environment and humans.

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1 Made from recycled paper fibers sourced 100% from recovered paper, i.e., paper collected post-use or post-production.
2 Can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs.
3 HP has a policy for offering Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified papers that are sourced from FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. BMG trademark license code FSC®-C115319, see HP trademark license code FSC®-C017543, see Not all FSC®-certified products are available in all regions.
4 See the HP REACH Declaration published at HP Printing Products and Consumable Supplies.
5 Certified with the Blue Angel eco label according to the "Basic Award Criteria for Award of the Environmental Label DE-UZ 14a."